Friday, 21 August 2009

Storyboard Progression

I recently almost got stuck with deciding whether to stick to a certain story because when I was thinking about how I was going to pitch this to people, it wouldn't sound very catchy, so I decided to pick out a couple more episodes, storyboard each of them and present them to people to help me decide better. The three episodes I've picked are...

This was the episode I was going to do because I reckoned it would make the perfect pilot. Good and funny plot, a bit of a relationship entangle between the two agents, but more importantly it's got aliens involved. But I feared people would be turned off by the agents going to England and looking at a bunch of crop circles without hinting any part of the story worth watching. Plus if this were the episode picked, I'd have to do a lot of audio editing work due to its fidelity issues and errors with the script.

I actually started storyboarding this episode out a long while ago, but may have stopped because of my university studies. Slightly better to pitch, and may even have a bit more of a tenser setting. Can't even think of a bad excuse to hand the green light to this story except this one's also set in England. DAMMIT!!!

Finally, back in Washington DC! And again, I thought this could be okay as a pilot, but there was this awkward soapy-type epiphany Sulky has in one episode which would have spoilt a surprise too early for the audience. But still, this episode's pretty much the funniest out of the three.

I've stopped with storyboarding with flash and gone back to pencil drawings so I can mess around with switching between different ideas for certain shots, and I can always scan them when I've finished and import into Flash. I've set a deadline for myself to complete all the storyboards by the 4th of September so that it gives me one day to plot out each episode. On I continue...

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