Thursday, 6 August 2009

Square One

I figure I've waited long enough, so I'll give it a shot to see if I can pull off a decent animation.

I decided to animate what I did when I started cartooning. At the time I was around 12 when I heard about a radio show called "The X Fools" syndicated across the UK. As you probably would have guessed, it was a spoof of the The X Files. Federal agents Fat Smoulder and Donut Sulky of the Federal Bureau of Odd Stuff investigating unexplained phenomenon under the supervision of Assistant Director Skinhead. Have a listen to some if you like.

Back when I first heard about the show, I used to transcribe episodes of the show into comic strip form. Though my drawings weren't that great at first, it still got me to where I am. When I get the opportunity to find my old strips, I'll scan some pics to show you. That's why I thought of animating an episode out. If all goes well, who knows.

I've been through a bunch of stories that I found online, and needed to pick an episode out carefully so that it could be used as a pilot if necessary. The story I've chosen is plain, simply, funny and has aliens, which aughta do I thought. So far I've been lining up the audio ready to begin the storyboards, but I may have some difficulty in organising my time because I'm stuck in the middle of repainting my room.

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Psychopathic Ninja Crew said...

Somewhere in my spare room on cassette i have at least 20 episodes on tape i recorded as a kid in the late 90s. If I find em I'll let u know